Our Story


GSBC was founded in Tacoma, WA in the spring of 2016 by two dudes. Their mission was simple: To craft beard care supplies that actually work. 

We worked around the clock. We mixed, we blended, we sampled. Days turned into nights, and nights back into days. We became slaves to the hot plate and everything we mixed upon it as we brought our dream to life. 

Through our tireless endeavors and sheer willpower, GSBC was forged. 

We're here to Elevate your beard care experience. That's exactly why you can always count on us to hold to these principles:

  • The finest natural ingredients will always make the finest product. That's all we'll ever use.
  • We'll never sell you anything we wouldn't put on our own faces.
  • Premium effort produces premium product. You'll always get 100% from us.
  • We're a straightforward company. If something isn't right, we'll do everything in our power to make it right. We care about your face (and your wallet) as much as you do.